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Warcraft Patch 7.1, Too Soon?

Warcraft Patch 7.1, Too Soon?

It was recently revealed in a Blizzard Q&A that patch 7.1 featuring the return to Karazhan will be rolled out on October 25th.  This patch will also have additional World Quests & a new smaller transitional raid, meant to happen in the same tier as Emerald Nightmare.  The community has been pretty split along their feelings on this.  Is it too soon? Not soon enough?  The Warcraft community has a tendency to constantly beg for more content, but if its released too soon or too late they will gripe about it.

Currently we see a lot of vocal Warcraft players expressing concern on forums, in game and on social media that October 25th is too close to Blizzcon, and they won’t have enough time.  Many others wonder what does this do for the ahead of the curve achievement since technically a new raid is being released and they have not yet finished heroic Emerald Nightmare.  I do personally question the timing of right before Blizzcon and think the week right after would have been better in my opinion, but its not the end of the world either.  I think most of this complaint stems from those Blizzcon attendees afraid they are “missing out”, which lets be honest while you may not have completed the content before Blizzcon it will be there when you get back.

Then there are the other players who consume the content at breakneck speeds can’t wait for the release of patch 7.1, eager to get a new dungeon in Karazhan, more raid content and a plethora of new World Quests to tear into.

The question really is, is the release of this major patch too soon? I don’t think there is a definitive answer, its subjective and it will vary from person to person.   Also this content has been in development for a while now, so its not crazy that its being released so soon after the launch.  The real question I see is, does this set an unrealistic expectation for future content in Legion?  Will we see more content released just as quickly or will we slip back to the 6+ month cycle waiting for content?

Only time will tell, I would like to see Blizzard alternate what content is delivered to spread it out and make it feel more steady.  Maybe a 7.2 release with new world quests, patch 7.3 release a new dungeon, patch 7.4 a new raid, etc.  I also will still patiently be waiting for my guild airships.

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