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Warcraft Patch 6.2.3 Brings Small Improvements

Warcraft Patch 6.2.3 Brings Small Improvements

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World of Warcraft Patch 6.2.3 marks the beginning of PvP Season 3, new Timewalking event, and more!

World of Warcraft Patch 6.2.3 marks the beginning of PvP Season 3, new Timewalking event, and more!

World of Warcraft releases Patch 6.2.3 for Warlords of Draenor today, November 17, 2015. This patch will bring an end to Warlords PvP Season 2, add new Timewalking dungeons and add cross-realm Mythic raiding, the re-introduction of Valor currency, the Grove Warden mount, and more.

Warlords PvP Season 3

Today’s maintenance will mark the end of the current PvP season and the beginning of Warlords Season 3. Once the season ends, the team will begin a two-week process to determine end-of-season reward eligibility. Players can ensure they receive their rewards by not transferring their characters to another realm or faction until after Season 3 begins. Mounts and titles will not be awarded until the new season starts.

With a new PvP Season, Conquest Points will be converted to Honor Points. Any Honor above 4,000 will be converted to in-game currency at a rate of 35 silver per point. There will also be a few inconveniences once Season 2 ends:

  • The Honor cap will remain at 4,000.
  • Warlords Season 2 items with rating requirements will no longer be available for purchase.
  • The Season 2 vendors will move over from where they are now and convert to selling last season’s gear for honor. The Season 3 vendors will appear in the newly vacated vendor location.
  • Rated Battleground and Arena matches will not be available during the break between seasons.

In Warlords Season 3, players will have a chance to earn new PvP gear, including the Warmongering Aspirant (PvP item level 715), Warmongering Combatant (ilvl 730), and Warmongering Gladiator (ilvl 740) sets.

New Timewalking Dungeons


New Timewalking dungeons will be added, including a new bonus event. Experience six iconic dungeons from Cataclysm with the new event:

  • Grim Batol
  • Stonecore
  • Lost City of Tol’vir
  • The Vortex Pinnacle
  • Throne of Tides
  • End Time

Infinite TimereaverTo help round out the previous Timewalking events, the Magister’s Terrace is being added to the Burning Crusade and the Pit of Saron to Wrath of the Lich King Timewalking bonus events.

As for incentives to repeat these dungeons (aside from collecting Timewarped Badges), Warcraft has added a new rare mount which has a small drop chance in all Timewalking dungeons: the Infinite Timereaver. Don’t forget to spend those Timewarped Badges with new Cataclysm vendors near the portals in Stormwind and Orgrimmar.

Cross-Realm Enabled for Mythic Raiding

Mythic-difficulty raiders will be able to invite their friends or fill in that last raid spot as Cross-Realm will be enabled for Hellfire Citadel on Mythic difficulty for Patch 6.2.3. Even filling in set number of 20 players has proven a little difficult for some teams, so hopefully this implementation will help fix that problem.

The Return of Valor

Players will be able to earn Valor once more as the currency makes its return. There are several ways to earn Valor:

  • Completing the first random Heroic Dungeon of the day
  • Completing Mythic Dungeons
  • Completing weekly Bonus Event quests (except for the Pet Battle Bonus Event)
  • Completing a Raid Finder wing for Highmaul, Blackrock Foundry, or Hellfire Citadel for the first time each week.

Valor can be spent to upgrade items from Hellfire Citadel, crafted profession items, Baleful tokens, and all Warlords dungeon drops—effectively raising ilvls +10. Seek out the ethereals in Orgrimmar, Stormwind, Stormshield, or Warspear to upgrade.

By bringing the Valor currency back to Warcraft, this helps solve part of the problem of dungeons being obsolete after earning raid gear or even Tanaan Jungle Baleful gear. Thankfully, there will not be a hard cap on earning Valor unlike previous expansions.

Item Reward Boost

As part of the end-of-expansion catch-up mechanic, Mythic Dungeon items will have a chance to gain an ilvl of 725 from 685 while Baleful items from Tanaan Jungle will have a chance to increase from ilvl 655 to 695. However, these chanced will progressively get lower as ilvl increases.

Also, Mythic Dungeon bosses will have a chance to drop new Heirloom Trinkets that will scale up to level 110!

Ghostcrawler Promised a Moose!

Grove WardenFinally, players who defeat the might of Archimonde will receive an added bonus for their efforts. For a limited time, defeating Archimonde on Heroic difficulty or higher will reward players with a mysterious fragment of dark power that will begin a quest. This fragment will need to be delivered to the druids of Moonglade to learn a little more about what is coming to Azeroth. As thanks, the druids will grand the majestic moose mount, Grove Warden. This quest will be retired some time before Legion’s launch, so hurry will there’s still time.

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