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The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones; movie review.

By September 1, 2013 Pulp Non-Fiction No Comments

Director: Harald Zwart.
Starring: Lily Collins, Jamie Campbell Bower, Robert Sheehan.
Rating: ♣♣♣ || ❤❤❤

I read the book so I felt that need [or some kind of obligation] of watching the movie.

By now everyone knows there’s some plagiarism in the story & it was based on fan fiction [specifically Harry Potter], but the movie was better than the book.
Let’s start.

I read the book therefore I felt everything happened too fast, but if you’ve never read it you won’t even notice.
A bunch of things were changed, removed or placed differently & that’s something I’m incredibly thankful for: those changes make the movie flow better without changing the essence of the story.

Lily Collins was good as Clary and Jamie as Jayce but for me, Robert Sheehan stole the show.
I honestly like Simon better than Jayce, that’s a personal choice, but Sheehan has that charm & adorable factor that win your heart.
And Jamie is the sexy factor. Well balanced.

But the thing I was most pleased about was Magnus Bane [Godfrey Gao]. Thanks for keeping the details of the character.
Same with the Silent Brothers: they kept the creepy & mysterious vibe that makes you not want to come across with them.

In case you, like me, want to see it because of Aidan Turner, I’m sad to inform you there’s not enough Luke Garroway. Sorry.

Extra happiness with Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Valentine, I have no complaints, that was a perfect casting choice.

I was seduced by the photography & the music [especially the song that played during the fight with the vampires]. Those are some positive aspects.

While the story is interesting even though you can see the Harry Potter influence, the movie is entertaining, & that’s all. I don’t really see it transcending, or at least not for now, we’ll see what happens after “City of Ashes”.

In conclusion: it’s up to you. You might love it, you might hate it.

I’m only hoping & praying they won’t make it the new Twilight.

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