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The Amiibo Craze

The Amiibo Craze


You know amiibos, those interactive plastic figurines that people go gaga over? (and I mean GAGA) People are willing to drop hundreds of dollars to get their favorite Nintendo character as a plastic toy, and I can’t say I blame them. I’m part of the craze too.

Up to this point, Nintendo has sold over 10 million amiibos. Yes, you read that right. 10 MILLION. There is so much more going on behind the amiibo scene then we realize.

When you think of buying a toy, you go to the toy aisle and buy it, right? That’s how it should be, but the demand for amiibos FAR EXCEEDS that of the supply and the supply, if you recall, is over 10 MILLION. Way more than 9,000.

So, to recap, people want amiibos, but there aren’t enough. So what do you do if you can’t find the item in the store? You buy it online! Welcome to 2015.

The only problem? There aren’t any amiibos online either. GameStop is sold out. Target is sold out. Wal-Mart is sold out. Even Best Buy is sold out. Other than the extremely common amiibos like Mario and Peach, there aren’t any amiibos anywhere. At least, not for a reasonable price.

The Marth amiibo is tough to come by

The Marth amiibo is tough to come by

The amiibo scene has turned into some twisted game of international poaching. People pick up the cheap toys just to sell them for an inflated price, and the disgusting part is that it works. If you happened to have purchased a Marth amiibo, you could sell it for quite a profit. Something like 5 times the original price. Maybe even more.

So something as innocent as plastic toys has turned into this competitive war. Personally, I’m a huge fan of the Fire Emblem series, and I’d love to have a Robin or a Marth amiibo. That said, there’s no way that I can get one through conventional methods. I’d have to go online to an individual seller who is offering the rare amiibo at an outrageous price.

Originally, amiibos run for about $10-$15 in your average store, and remember that all amiibos are initially sold at this price. Even the “rare” ones. Even Marth started off at around $13. Now, you’d be lucky to find one under $45.

There are some amiibos that are much more rare than Marth. While fans have been demanding Marth, who has been around since the first wave of amiibos, some of the newer ones haven’t even hit the shelves. They were scooped up long before that. So amiibos like Ness, Lucina, and Meta Knight? Good luck finding those.

What started as a cute little Smash Bros. expansion turned into a cutthroat race. As far as things look now, there’s no sign of stopping. So we have to sit back and watch this trainwreck unfold.

But I still want those rare amiibos, dang it.

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