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Summer Days, Drifting Away…

Summer Days, Drifting Away…

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It’s been a little while since my last post, but in my defence, I’ve been on summer hiatus. Not that I’ve been away from home or anything, it’s just that Heroes of the Storm doesn’t quite fit in with the period of June to August for me. Let me explain:

Like the agrarian communities of past centuries, my gaming rhythm seems to have always followed the seasons. Being born and raised in Toronto, I’ve always been exposed to an equal portion of Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer. This means that I’ve managed to collect enough empirical data on my habits to be able to predict what games I may play in any given portion of the year.



This is the time for relaxing in a lawn chair, drinking a margarita, and soaking in as much sunlight as humanly possible. Any game I am playing at this point must allow for this, as well as provide a pleasant diversion, not a frustrating grind. And there is no room at all for 13-year-olds complaining about my decision to take mercenaries instead of defending the core. The mercenaries are nearby and I’m not wearing pants…

Ascendant: Hearthstone, Reading World of Warcraft Novels

Dormant: Heroes of the Storm, World of Warcraft Raiding



As the temperature drops, the keen realization that winter is approaching sets in. For millennia, Autumn would begin with a great harvest celebration, as cultures around the world would revel one last time before the cold, dark months. It’s a time of impending doom, and death and decay begins to envelop the land.

Ascendant: Diablo, Starcraft: Heart of the Swarm

Dormant: Hearthstone, World of Warcraft Exploration



The gusts of December blow cold, sending a chill up the spines of so many. While all life halts outside, this is the gamer’s opportunity… like the tiny rodents crawling out from under the fallen dinosaurs, except we are equipped to spend six months inside, alone in the dark. Still, the weather is harsh as is my mood, and all must pay.

Ascendant: Heroes of the Storm, and more Heroes of the Storm

Dormant: Everything else



As the first flowers bloom, the rains fall, tears of hope falling upon the earth, mingling with the melting snow. The sun shines again and there is new possibility that winter is over and we may once again join hands on the hill, buy the world a coke, teach the world to sing, and begin a new age of co-operation.

Ascendant: World of Warcraft Raiding, Heroes of the Storm

Dormant: Hearthstone, Diablo


With that being said, I’m off to the beach and I will see you in September!

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