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Road to 200: #117 Sonic Adventure DX

Road to 200: #117 Sonic Adventure DX


I have such fond memories of Sonic Adventure. I remember playing it for hours and hours on my GameCube– raising Chaos and listening to the awesome music. And after I beat Sonic Colors, I decided to go back to the older Sonic games to see how good they actually are.

My memories deceived me. Sonic Adventure DX is an abomination. It was so, so, so, so terrible. And I can’t wait to highlight my reasoning.

1. The voice overs. Oh my goodness. This is reason enough to avoid Sonic Adventure. The mouth movements weren’t synced AT ALL. And the voices themselves were unenthusiastic. It sounded like the characters didn’t even give a crap about this game. So why should I?

2. The music betrayed me. I remember jamming out to this soundtrack. And some of the tracks were decent, but most of the music was forgettable. And Sonic soundtracks are supposed to be high-speed and engaging. But other than Station Square, the music was meh.

3. Big the Cat.

4. Big the Cat was so awful. So, so worthless and awful. He had no purpose, nor did he have any bearing on the story. The writers gave his little froggy a Chaos Emerald so it seemed like his story arc was important. But they were mistaken.

5. I’m dead serious. Big the Cat, again.

6. The camera. I can’t articulate the amount of times I died due to this wonky camera. No. wonky isn’t the right word. The camera was like an infant trying to operate heavy machinery. Sometimes, the camera did what it was supposed to do. But then again, eventually, an infant won’t….sorry. I’m losing track of this metaphor. The point is, the camera was inexcusably horrendous.

But for some reason, I wanted to beat this game. Maybe it was due to my nostalgia. Maybe it was because I wanted to add it to my Beaten Games List. But somehow, someway, I got through this trainwreck of a game.

It was enjoyable at times. And to be honest, those enjoyable times were what inspired young Andy to play Sonic games in the first place. Sonic was fast in this game. And that’s what people claim to miss in the modern Sonic era.

But of all the good and the bad things about Sonic Adventure DX, there was a game that did it all better.

Sonic Adventure 2: Battle.

And… that game still kinda sucks…

#117 done.

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