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Road to 200: #113 Left 4 Dead 2

Road to 200: #113 Left 4 Dead 2


I was browsing through a pile of games at GameStop. I was looking for a nice deal or maybe even a rare game. But I came across Left 4 Dead 2, and it stopped me DEAD in my tracks. Not because it was a great game…

But because I’d already beaten it.

A while ago, I went through a purge, and I got rid of all my crappy games – including this one. And I guess that when I was compiling my Beaten Games List, I just forgot this one.

I wish that I had, because this game is nothing special. I’ve heard that the Left 4 Dead series is meant to be played on the PC, but I was a dumb kid. And I bought it AT FULL PRICE for the Xbox 360. And I beat it. A while ago.

But I remember exactly how this game made me feel. And it was uncomfortable. Not because of the setting or the story. I was uncomfortable because the entire game was a clunky mess. The controls scheme was convoluted. The controls themselves were BEYOND floaty. I never felt in control. I was subjected to the whim of the joystick.

And if you can’t control yourself in a game, how are you going to enjoy it? I mean, sure, the combat was fun, and some of the dialogue was semi-witty. But if basic movement is clunky, a game will never be incredible. But I did end up beating this game.

I also remembered that as crappy as this game was, I played it – A LOT. I played through the story with each character, and I even played some of the online features. And it was fun, to be honest. Working as a team with friends to overcome a horde of zombies? That’s awesome. I know that there are a million other games that do it better than Left 4 Dead 2, but back in the day, this was the real deal. Everybody had this game.

And everybody played this game. I even beat it… but I just couldn’t remember. So that should tell you something. Left 4 Dead 2 was fun, but it wasn’t enough to leave much of an impression on me.

Anyway. That is, I guess, #113.

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