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Road to 200: #112 Castle Crashers

Road to 200: #112 Castle Crashers


I’ve been beating some lengthy games: Final Fantasy IX, Fallout 4, etc. I needed a short break from those epics, so I picked up Castle Crashers.

I’ve played this game before. I knew what I was getting into, but I’d never beaten it. So my good friend and I sat down to beat this once and for all.

This game was exactly what I expected, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It was a clever and witty beat ‘em up style set in the medieval era. And I freaking loved it. Castle Crashers constantly inundating me with hilarity. While I’m preoccupied with a horde of enemies, there are usually other things happening that really sell the medieval era. One instance occurred right at the beginning of a level. We landed and started off, but we saw a mob of enemy bear-thugs lying on the ground. And when we got close enough, the bear-thugs rolled over and climbed to their feet… but one of them merely rolled over… because he was dead. They were pretending to be dead, but one actually was dead. And then the battle began. It was just a short instance of humor to keep the game light-hearted.

Also, the pooping deer was ridiculous.

But the leveling-up system was also very appealing to me. I got to choose how my stats increased. I could focus on magic or attack or defense or all of them. It was very customizable. And I super love that.

Castle Crashers served as a nice break from my longer, more difficult games. And, oh, it was a welcome break. It was imaginative and fresh – exactly how I remembered it.

It was short, but amazing. Highly recommend.


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