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Road to 200: #111 Yoshi’s Woolly World

Road to 200: #111 Yoshi’s Woolly World


The Wii U may not have the most expansive library, but there are some definite must-plays. Some of these, obviously, include MarioKart8, Super Smash Bros

…And Yoshi’s Woolly World.

If I had describe Yoshi’s Woolly World in one word, it’d be endearing. Everything about this game is cute, from the soundtrack to the aesthetics. Literally everything in this game has something to do with arts and crafts. The backgrounds are made of fabric and string. Enemies are made of yarn. There are buttons and stitching everywhere. It’s impossible not to love.

And the soundtrack may be the best part of this game. Some of the songs are light and fitting for a stroll in the park. Other songs are heavy on guitar. Each track compliments its respective stage perfectly. And Yoshi’s Woolly World doesn’t have just cutesy songs. There are techno tracks and rock songs. If nothing else, the soundtrack alone is worth $60. Seriously, I can’t say enough about how good this soundtrack is.

As far as the game being endearing? I meant it. There are a TON of collectibles (too many). On each level, you can collect five flowers, five yarn pieces, 20 stamps, and 20 little heart babies. LITTLE HEART BABIES. I didn’t care about most of the collectibles, but if you grab the yarn pieces, you’ll unlock an adorable Yoshi skin. Each level gives you a new Yoshi.

That was the force driving me to beat this game. It was just too outrageously cute. I had to get every kind of Yoshi. I didn’t grab ALL of the collectibles, and I understand that more of the game would have been available if I had collected everything, but I just wanted those darn Yoshis. Too cute.

But don’t be misled. This game isn’t JUST cute. It’s adorable and fun and… actually quite difficult. It isn’t a game that you sit down and beat. You have to have a certain level of determination to not only collect but to BEAT. Some levels take patience while other levels take skill.

Yoshi’s Woolly World may not have any story to speak of, but that doesn’t take away from the gameplay. I didn’t expect a great story with this one. I just expected a fun game, and I got MUCH more than fun.

This game challenged me, it made me smile, and it made me fall in love with a soundtrack. And with that music playing in the background while playing as your newest Yoshi…. Ugh. I love this game.

Definitely a must-play. #111.

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  • Mr. Eonis

    I love the Timing of the music when it gets going!