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Road to 200: #108 Mighty Switch Force! 2

Road to 200: #108 Mighty Switch Force! 2

By December 14, 2015 Tabletop & Video Games No Comments

I was completely enamored with Mighty Switch Force!. I played through the entire game in one day. Granted, it didn’t take 15 hours to beat, but I played all the way through. And I loved it. Mighty Switch Force! tries to focus on the replayability of the stages, but that wasn’t the part that I loved. I loved the music, the puzzles, the quirkiness.

And I’m pleased to say that Mighty Switch Force! 2 is the perfect sequel.

Perfect sequels take everything good about the first game- and they capitalize on everything. Perfect sequels are a rare breed. They don’t come around very often, but Mighty Switch Force! 2 is nothing short of spectacular.

Everything that I loved about Mighty Switch Force! is back And it’s all bigger and better. Rather than wielding a space laser, you get a fire hose. You can extinguish both fire and enemy life with your H2O. The puzzles are innovative as they utilize the new fire hose as a puzzle-solving weapon. In each level, you’ve even got little babies that you can save.

The gameplay is revamped along with the puzzles. Everything sounds great, right? But it still gets better. I figured out why I loved the Mighty Switch Force! soundtrack so much: Virt created it. Oh, that name doesn’t ring a bell? Virt is the mastermind behind Shovel Knight’s glorious soundtrack. I’ve been listening to this soundtrack for two weeks straight, and that’s not a joke or a hyperbole. Seriously. two weeks straight.

If you are still on the fence about Mighty Switch Force! 2, listen to “Dalmatian Station.” And if that poppy/techno reverb doesn’t pump you up, then you’re nutso.

Mighty Switch Force! 2 did everything right. Everything that I loved from the first game has been polished; the quirkiness is back. The puzzles are innovative. The gameplay is fluid and fresh. And the soundtrack is immaculate. I loved every single second of this game.

It’s under $10 on the 3DS eShop. Play play play this game.

#108 has been conquered.

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