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#6 Ant-Man

Adam, Kate, Dan, Vince and Wil discuss the insect-sized superhero from Marvel’s latest offering.


#5 Terminator Genisys

In this episode the team, consisting of Adam, Daniel, Calie, Rob and Wil, discuss Terminator Genisys and if they think Arnold’s promise of “I’ll be back” was worth the wait.


#4 Inside Out + The Lava Short

In this episode Adam, Calie, Rob, Michael and Wil discuss the psychology and emotional journey they went on when watching the latest Pixar feature pairing.


#3 Jurassic World

Adam, Kate, Daniel, Brandon and Wil discuss the Chris Pratt sequel that, oddly enough, features mostly prehistoric creatures that didn’t exist during the Jurassic era.


#2 Mad Max: Fury Road

In this episode Adam, Kate, Michael, Calie and Wil sit down to discuss what they loved from the Mad Max: Fury Road movie starring Charlize Theron. As ever, this show…


#1 Avengers: Age of Ultron

In this episode Adam E, Tristan, Daniel, Adam B and Wil discuss Age of Ultron – the highs, the lows and everything while giving some insight into the Marvel Cinematic…