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#63 – The Movie

We talk about the movie, we spoil some stuff for you if you haven’t seen it yet – YOU’VE BEEN WARNED! We are taking a break from the podcast until…


#62 – Respect My Authoritay

This week we manage to take not much news and discuss it in pretty good detail. Reminder no show the final week in May and potentially the first week in…


#60 – WoWMD

Ging is feeling better, so we’re all back and we ramble about a few things in Warcraft news/events and talk about the video from Preach about tanking in Legion.


#58 – Against the Clock

We’re back! And Ging and Ben have real life stuff going on, so they both need to wrap the show up. So…we run down some of the ‘news’ from the…


#56 – Birthday Butts!

We talk a little April Fools stuff, some raiding stuff and butts…then the recording software crashed and we decided to call it a show after it recovered (seriously, that’s not…