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#17 Beta Buffet

Meagan and Ward (okay, mostly Meagan) tell stories of their adventures on the Legion Beta! Spoiler warning for Legion, especially the artifact quests.


#15 Legion Home

Meagan and Ward-Craft give their thoughts on the early Legion Alpha from Meagan’s ancestral home. Can they stay on topic? Will they talk about Legion “spoilers”? Find out this time…


#14 Is It Legion Yet?

Meagan and Ward are back after their “sabuttical” to discuss Legion, BlizzCon announcements, and compare WoW to FFXIV.


#13 How About We Illi-Don’t

Meagan and Ward are back! They discuss the announced WoW expansion, Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn, and American Horror Story seasons 1&2 with a little Sims thrown in there…


#12 MMO-Reborn

Meagan and Ward finally talk about a video game for most of the show. But it’s not World of Warcraft. Cat stories, cat people, and a feeling of MMO rejuvenation.


#11 Warboreds of Grindmore

Sorry for the long gap between episodes, but Warcraft has just been depressing to talk about lately. Meagan and Ward certainly have a hard time finding anything good to say. Or…