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#69 The Madness of 69

Sean flies solo-host in his first time as producer but brings along three guests for the ride: Dan Culligan, Danny Lanza and Intern Ashton. Have mercy on our souls.


#68 Ben and the 3D Darth

The lads are joined by Ben, a 3D printing extraordinaire, and geek out over additive manufacturing and what they are looking forward to playing while attending GenCon.


#66 Online Personas

This episode takes a different turn as Sean is joined by Kate Chaplin to grill Wil on the early days of d20crit and how it came to be… and Wil is…


#64 Under Direction: James Treakle

Film director, producer and screenwriter James Treakle joins Wil to talk about his latest release, Ezekiel’s Landing. If you are in Indiana this weekend make sure you catch the screening at…


#63 Who’s That Calling?

This week Wil and Sean sit down for a brief episode to just catch up in all the madness that is going on – and who should call in but…


#61 Sir Culligan

This week Wil sits down with D20 Catalysts newest streamer Sir Culligan to talk about gaming from retro to the down right scary!


#60 Flame-Grilled Aroma

This week Sean, Tristan and Wil dig into some cool news stories, ponder April fools and try very hard to follow the cries of Leroy to stick to the plan…