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Final Fantasy

A stitch in time…

A Las Vegas based cosplayer, panelist and make-up artist, Serephita now produces a podcast on the d20crit network which focuses on one of her gaming passions: World of Warcraft. Recently recognized for her talent, achievements and action in the community by our friends at Defenders of the Cosplay Faith, she can be found at several conventions throughout the year giving talks, showing off her latest creations or at the vendor tables selling her handiwork.

And we haven’t even begun to talk about her knowledge and passion of a certain Joss Whedon show…

sereph2Stay on target

You can find Serephita every week on her show Dalaran Academy.

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serephFave Movie: Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty
Fave Song: Cadence – Anberlin
Fave TV Show: Buffy
Fave Game: World of Warcraft
Fave Book: Dragon Bones by Patricia Briggs
Fave Beverage: Rooibos vanilla tea