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Back in the 90s (the greatest video game decade to date), hailing from the snowy mountainsides of Ironforge and forged from Dungeon Master and Medal of Honor, a gamer was born. David, also known as Homebrewed, has been immersed in video games and technology since the age of three.

You probably know him on Twitter and have probably also groaned many a time at his mastery of puns.. This jovial, humorous chap joined d20crit soon after helping at the 2014 World of Podcasts event. A former tournament coordinator and communications manager for Managrind – the original Hearthstone community, pro team, and tournament organizer – Homebrewed brings his love and experience in tabletop card games to our community.

He is happy to share his immense knowledge of random facts with us with weekly tech and gamer news blasts. He has also been known for wearing a horse mask during “serious” meetings of the minds.

So, while his real life job has him working as a big, hotshot banker in a multi-hundred dollar company, Homebrewed is never happier than when he’s pulling up a chair by the hearth for a great game of cards or chatting over a pint.

Stay on target

You can find Homebrewed sharing nerd news each Wednesday with his Last Week in Geek articles.


Fave Movie: Hackers
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 Night Moves – Bob Seger
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 Kitchen Confidential
Fave Beverage:
 Diet Coke