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She’s So Fancy…

It was a simpler time. Back in the days of MS-DOS commands, saving princesses from castles and games by MECC, Heather discovered her passion for video games.  Born in the 80s, she has had the fortune of growing up in tandem with the gaming world, with each new gaming console coming along and delivering a brand new sense of wonder with it.

Her love of video games has never faltered–so much so, that she oftentimes applied literary theories to games throughout graduate school (dumbfounding her peers and professors alike!), and co-founded Catalyst Gaming Media with long-time friend and business partner Dave “Ceraphus” Rudy.  When she’s not busy planning events for the D20x branch, you can find her assisting with editing articles for the site and co-hosting on “The Sundering” podcast.

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You can find Heather on “The Sundering” podcast.



CA9Sf2NUsAAzFtYFave Movie: Coming to America
Fave Song: Strawberry Swing – Coldplay
Fave TV Show: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Fave Game: Chrono Trigger / Final Fantasy X
Fave Book: Farenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury
Fave Beverage: Coconut Rum & Diet Coke