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Noobs Ganked

Midichlorians Counted

Iron Thrones Claimed

Lost Arks Raided

“You’re going to need a bigger boat” -Martin Brody

Hardcore or casual? Cinema afficionado or B-Movie freak? Student of history or one doomed to repeat it?  Glen or Glenda?  David is the sum of all these things, which is why he was the answer you got wrong on that Grade 10 Math Test.
By day, he wanders the frozen north attempting to make sense of life, the universe and the Buffalo Bills.  As a Canadian he must apologize to all he meets to atone for the great injustice his country wrought on the world during the Time Of Which We Do Not Speak.
By night, he matches wits with the faceless horde who patrol the virtual worlds of Blizzard Entertainment.
And sleeps.  By night, he sleeps, too.

Stay on target

You can find David educating us on Heroes of the Storm every other Thursday.

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Fave Movie: Jaws
Fave Song:
 True Faith – New Order
Fave TV Show:
 Game of Thrones
Fave Game:
 C’mon! It’s Heroes of the Storm!
Fave Book:
 Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff by Christopher Moore
Fave Beverage:
 Gin Fizz