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Bacon can’t solve the world’s problems, thats why there’s beer

Many merely adopted the geek lifestyle. Dave was born in it, molded by it. He didn’t put down a controller until he was a man!  From an early age, video games inspired him… and drove him to learn the plumbing trade, though he soon realized that plumbers actually fixed water pipes and didn’t defeat dragons or save princesses.  So he pursued a career in computer science to develop a counter to Skynet, simply dubbed BaconWeave.

From playing games to creating geek-focused content, Dave lets his passion drive his creations and fuel his insatiable appetite for bacon.  His decades of collecting comics, console gaming, 10+ years playing World of Warcraft and memorizing obscure movie lines have prepared him to hang with the intellectual elite of the geek master race…  All while enjoying a nice pint of the world’s finest brews & whiskey.

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You can find Dave on The Sundering, Azeroth Pirate Radio and at World of Podcasts.

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ceraphusFave Movie: Swingers
Fave Song: Foo Fighters – My Hero
Fave TV Show: The Walking Dead
Fave Game: World of Warcraft
Fave Book: Arthas by Christie Golden
Fave Beverage: Beer & Whisky