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Colin is the kind of guy who brought the Star Trek Encyclopedia to class in seventh grade and was shocked that people didn’t think it was the coolest thing they’d ever seen. He’s also the kind of guy who has CATLADY in letters across the back of his rec league basketball jersey. Basically a lost cause.
When he isn’t writing about the internet on the internet, he’s probably in a bar somewhere listening to music at a tinnitus-inducing volume or sitting around a folding table, drinking bad coffee and talking about communities. Like I said – lost cause.

Stay on target

You can find Colin writing commentary on the culture within the nerd-dom. And getting poked by arrows in D&D.

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Fave Movie: The Royal Tenenbaums
Fave Song:
 Ceremony – New Order
Fave TV Show:
 The Wire
Fave Game:
 Mass Effect 2
Fave Book:
 Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut
Fave Beverage: