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Lore 101: The Tol’vir

Lore 101: The Tol’vir


Among the oldest of the races created by the Titans, yet a race that was the least known about until recently is the Tol’vir. Players first encountered them in the Ahn’Qiraj 40 raid as Obsidian Destroyers, but not much was said or known about them until much later.

Originally created by the Titans to guard their cities of Uldum and Ulduar (although their known presence in Ulduar has since been erased) due to the invasion of the Aqir (now called the Nerubians in Northrend), who then modified their structures to their own devices. In Uldum, they were driven out from the area now known as Ahn’Quiraj, although the few who remained were enslaved and thrown upon the front lines, creating the Obsidian Destroyers.

As with other Titan-created races, the Tol’vir were victims of the Curse of the Flesh, and they mourned the effects of this curse greatly. Most of them adapted and continued on with their lives, although some continued to mourn the loss of their stone bodies. When Deathwing re-emerged to the surface of Azeroth and allied himself with not only the old gods who had created the curse, but also Al’Akir, who was created by the Old Gods as an elemental and given dominion over the air elementals.

Having broken off into various tribes over the centuries since the curse had taken hold, some of the Tol’vir who were members of the Neferset tribe eagerly agreed to ally themselves with Deathwing, who made promises through Al’Akir about returning them to their previous state, undoing the curse of the flesh. While at least one member pleaded against this idea, citing the fact that they would become indebted to Deathwing and Al’Akir, the other members of the Neferset tribe became arrogant and plotted against their supposed saviors, stating that once their original forms were restored, they would have the strength to overthrow them and become independent once again.

When other tribes refused, such as the Tol’vir in Osiris, Al’Akir sent a windstorm upon them, burying them all in sand. A more notable and currently promenade tribe of the Tol’vir are the Ramkahen, who, with help from adventurers of both factions, were able to drive the Neferset tribe from the now major city of Uldum, leaving the former to take the lower part of the peninsula and leaving their residence to the Lost City and Vortex Pinnacle.

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