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Ice Age: Continental Drift

By July 13, 2012 Wil & Testament One Comment
Ice Age 4

Once again I want to throw my mouse at my office wall reading reviews for the new Ice Age that just hit the big screens last night. Why? Because, like Cars 2 and Madagascar, we have critics pissing on the movie because of a thin plot and easy jokes. People magazine is one of many to weigh in on thoughts about it and here is the problem I have: IT IS A MOVIE FOR KIDS!

Stupid, moronic critics need to STOP trying to review kids movies like adult movies. Christ, the writer, one Alynda Wheat, even pointed out that the kids wouldn’t see the errors she is pointing out in her scathing review. You know why? IT’S A KIDS MOVIE!

Why -oh- why are there so many fuckwit critics who feel entitled to having an Up experience for every animated movie? Those gems (that adults fully appreciate) come along because of the stupid amounts of money the likes of Cars and Ice Age bring in funding the smaller but plot filled animated experiences. The cash cow of little children flocking to see their animated heroes may be a monster – but that is business. And yes, it is about the kids you selfish brat of a critic. The fact she even admitted in her second paragraph that she is childless but ‘went to watch it anyway’ made me want to punch a hurricane.


My children love Cars 2 so much we have to buy another DVD because they played it on every device over and over – the disc couldn’t handle the truth: THEY LOVE IT.  They love Ice Age 3 and so these discs die a death from being played back and forth and back and forth and… See what I did there? Probably not if you have a critics pen stuck up your ass.

Besides, I learned a life lesson out of this: Blu Ray with digital copies from now on will make life SO much cheaper as digital doesn’t break. 😉

Listen up, all movie critics for kids movies: Go find an adult comedy and piss on it or leave your scathing reviews elsewhere where they won’t be published. Unless you have the mind and approach of a child you just won’t get it. I have still yet to hear a single child complain about the Cars 2 movie. Sure, as an adult, I don’t think much of it – but the look on my kids faces as they watch it – they eat that shit up something serious, just like they will with Ice Age 4: Continental Drift. That is what I buy into. That is what I want them to experience. That is why these movies are good.

If there is one person who has a license to piss on such movies it would be Bedhead. Why? She actually gets how it works. One might not agree with how it works – but she gets that too. Pure and simple and, thus, has earned the right. Plus, she is smart unlike most journalist/writer/critic/bloggers who cover the same topic.

Rant almost over but, in closing, I have two words and a video for Alynda. “Suck it”:


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