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Halo 1 & 2

Halo 1 & 2

By September 11, 2015 Tabletop & Video Games No Comments

Okay… I’ve most definitely beaten these games before. Actually, I’ve beaten the crap out of them. I used to come home after school every day and play through them. So, yes. You could say I’m a Halo fan.

When my friend told me that he’d never played ANY Halo game before, I knew what I had to do. I was born for this.

My friend has been looking for a fun co-op adventure, and we’ve definitely found it in Halo. We sat down the other day and just beat Halo 1. Just sat down and beat the entire thing. We only played Heroic mode because we aren’t masochistic, but we did beat the entire first game in one day. Once we finished it, he looked at me and asked, “When can we start the next one?”

Halo is often regarded as the knock-off Call of Duty or “that game where it takes forever to kill people.” Honestly, it’s true. Halo’s multiplayer isn’t as kamikaze as Call of Duty, but I’m here to talk about the STORY. Remember? Video games have that.

Sure, first-person shooters are usually heralded for their top-notch multiplayer experience, but I think that most of us have forgotten that the Halo series actually has a really amazing plot line.

The best part is that they are all interconnected. All of the stories play off of each other. There’s interstellar deceit, universal epidemics, and one very special Spartan. Does Call of Duty have that?!

Seriously, after playing through this series for the 5943rd time, I’m still learning more about the story. The last time that I played through it, I was pretty young. Now that I’ve matured (well… that’s up for debate), I’m seeing the story with new eyes. I have a new respect for the characters and the choices they make. Some are true to their morals while others are corrupted by power or parasites.

As the player, you have to journey through this saga. And sometimes, you know what’s going to happen. The dramatic irony gets me every time. Some events have played out in the other storyline, but you still have to fight because that’s what’s right. And we fight for what’s right. While the galaxy is on the brink of complete destruction, we still have to fight.

That’s a quiet motif that sneaks itself into every game. It’s subtle, and you’ll have to look for it between the bullets and blood, but the story is worth the fight. In the era of first-person shooters and online competition, Halo still found a way to have a incredible storyline. And it’s awesome… but this is a discussion that will be continued once my friend and I pump out the rest of the series. Onward!

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