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Three Thoughts on D&D

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This story first appeared on colinbrandt.ca and is republished with permission. By Colin. Last summer, I got an email from my friend Wil, asking me if I wanted to join him…


My True Love: Pokémon

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I’ve been in love with Pokémon ever since I was a wee lad. (Definitely almost typed “lass.” Whoops. Anyway…) Once upon a time, I was a happy little first-grade boy who didn’t…


The Marvel-Marriage Debate

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There is a great deal of emotion kicking around the internet right now over a decision from Marvel for two of their male comic book characters to get married. Subsequently,…

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Day of the Geeks

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May 25th is a day like no-other in the world of all things geekery. For it is written today is Geek Pride Day. Originating in Spain 2006 (though there were…