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Summer Days, Drifting Away…

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It’s been a little while since my last post, but in my defence, I’ve been on summer hiatus. Not that I’ve been away from home or anything, it’s just that…


Blast Off!

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It’s an exciting time for those of us who have been part of the Heroes of the Storm Community since the early days of the Technical Alpha.  It’s less than…


Five Thoughts on Kael’thas

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Welcome to the Nexus, Kael’thas Sunstrider.  Though you maybe unlucky in love, unfortunate in war and, to be honest, generally a bit of a jerk, all of these are merely…


Palms of Glory

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We are Sons of California, Fighting for the Gold and Blue. Palms of glory we will win for Alma Mater true. Congratulations to the Golden Bears for their victory over…



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The big news of the week was Blizzard announcing a launch date of June 2nd for Heroes of the Storm – much earlier than many of us anticipated considering it…



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Last week we talked a little about the star of the latest Heroes of the Storm patch, Sylvanas.  This week we’re going to be looking at the new battleground, Tomb…


Five Thoughts on Sylvanas

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She may be as cold as ice, but she is the hottest new Hero of the Storm.  I’ve avoided some of the more common observations which have been made elsewhere (yeah,…


The Jocks Strike Back

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I will always remember the first time I played goaltender for my minor hockey team. I was new to the position, but had grown up idolizing the stars on television…