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Pile of Shame Show Preview_v2

#0 – Early Access

Pile of Shame | Podcasts

Rob hunts the Stick of Truth, Ted gets into a Cluster Truck, and Pete is SuperHot. All coming up on the Pile of Shame. Links: Overwatch: http://us.battle.net/overwatch/ South Park –…


#35 – Clingy Romps!

Geek Or Die | Podcasts

This week Adam, Wil, and Vincent are joined by friend of the show and D20 Crit’r David Troy! Epic battles ensue over American “football” and Real Football, a great discussion…


#45 The Matrix

Kate's Take | Podcasts

This week Kate and Wil take the red pill… no the blue pill… as they touch on ancient philosophers, religion, film theories as well as real tangible messages you can…